Sharing Your Story For Board Members

A tool to help board members share their story.
1 page fillable PDF

As a board member, you’re encouraged to share your story of connection to the organization with people in your network, but do you feel stuck knowing what to say? This simple tool can help!

This one-page tool helps you:

  • Answer prompts to pull out important details of your story
  • Get your thoughts down on paper

Studies continue to show that people connect most through story.  And it’s a responsibility for board members, in their role as advocates for the organization, to share about the ministry and cause in their sphere of influence. So, helping board members know how to articulate why they first got connected, what about the work is meaningful, and why they serve on the board are great talking points to share with others that can lead into deeper discussion about the cause and organization.

When board members are equipped to share the story, they will be even more equipped for fundraising and inspired in their own giving!


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