So That…

A tool to help you articulate how your daily activities tie to your vision.
1 page fillable PDF

Do you struggle to articulate the big vision of your work? Answering the question ‘so that…’ can help!

This one-page tool uses the story of Nehemiah to show how small, specific activities can be connected together to achieve a greater Outcome.

This exercise can help you to:

  • Articulate your vision clearly.
  • Describe your theory of change logically in your Strategic Planning.
  • Communicate effectively with champions.
  • Help your team to see how their daily tasks contribute to the big picture.

Our goal is for you to be able to articulate how your activities tie into your big vision so that more people understand the value of your cause, become champions of your cause, and give their time, talent, treasure, and testimony to your cause, ultimately leading to more people coming to know and experience the love of Jesus Christ.


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