Strategic Priorities

A tool to help you consider a holistic way to invite champions into your work.
1 page fillable PDF

You have likely identified a few key things you are focusing on this coming year, but have you thought strategically about how to invite people to get involved?

This one page tool helps you brainstorm growth-oriented invitations that are:

  • Holistic, inviting giving as well as learning, serving, praying and sharing
  • Tied to vision and strategic priorities

When we approach fundraising from a perspective of wanting to give something to our supporters, not just take from them, it forces us to think creatively about the many ways we can invite their involvement. This tool can be used to help you think strategically about growth-oriented invitations for any segment of your supporters.

Stop feeling like you’re begging for money. Instead, nurture the relationship by inviting supporters to participate in multiple growth steps that strengthen the connection and promote personal transformation.

This tool was used in conjunction with the Making the Invitation workshop.


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