Table Host Guide Template

A templated guide to equip your table hosts to fill and facilitate their tables.
8 page Word document

Equipped and enthusiastic table hosts are the key to a successful event.

This adaptable Word template will help you equip your table hosts with:

  • Their roles and responsibilities
  • Organizational information
  • The vision for the event
  • Tools for inviting guests
  • Support in crafting their own story

Table hosts are the backbone of your event. The best thing you can do for your hosts is to help them feel ready to take on this role! Doing all this well will mean a commitment to being trained and attending table host training meetings. This template not only serves as a take-away for table hosts but can become your outline for the training itself.

Imagine the how confident your hosts will feel when they have all the tools, they need to host their friends and family.


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