What Am I? Organization vs Cause

A reflection exercise to help you discern if you’re focused on your cause or organization.
1 page fillable PDF

When you hear your Area Director say, “your organization is not your cause,” do you fully grasp what that means? If you’re looking for a way to gauge where your organization is at, look no further.

This tool will not only help you examine where your organization is currently, but will:

  • Create talking points for your next coaching appointment with your Area Director
  • Highlight areas you can work on to expand your view of the cause

Most secular, non-profit thinking would suggest that your organization IS the very cause. However, this tends to be too narrow of a focus. Rather, each of our organizations play a critical role in a larger cause. You may be tutoring at risk youth with a goal of helping prevent generational poverty. Your cause is generational poverty, not tutoring.

At Mission Increase, we will always be driving you back to the Kingdom impact. But if this is really God’s cause and we’re a part of bringing His Kingdom, then we need to align ourselves with the greater movement. That which is bigger than us.​

This downloadable PDF consists of five paired statements, designed to be used by executive directors and board members, will get you thinking about how you currently view, and communicate about, your organization.  In just a few minutes, you can prepare for a coaching appointment with your area director as you discuss how to grow your champions through a cause-centric organization.

Imagine how freeing it will feel when you no longer feel solely responsible for creating change in the cause, but rather see your organization, and your champions, as key players in God’s work of Kingdom impact.


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