Who cares about our cause

A brainstorming guide to help you think outside of the box as to the type of people to invite to your events.
3-page fillable PDF

Do the same people come each year to your fundraising events? Do you want to use your events as an avenue for acquiring new champions? This tool can help!

This tool walks leaders through a brainstorming process to help:

  • Identify groups of champions that already exist in your community
  • Identify other groups of people who would care about the cause
  • Provide their table hosts with a list of ideas for their guest list

It can be challenging for table hosts to think outside the box when it comes to inviting people to a fundraising event. They likely have go-to people who they know will show up and give if invited. However, these people likely said yes to the invitation because their friend invited them, and less likely because they have a connection to the cause. Their gifts are useful, but the long-term retention of people who don’t care much about the cause is challenging. There is a better way! When table hosts are equipped with a list of ideas to help them think through new groups of people who are more likely to have a connection to the cause, this increases the likelihood of not just Acquisition but retention of new people.

Stop hosting events to acquire people who give once and never engage again. Instead, host inspiring events that attract people who have connection to the cause and end up sticking around.


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