Google Ads Grant: Course Welcome & Prerequisites

We are so glad that you have joined the Google Ads Grant course with us!

Imagine what you can do with an additional $10,000 of monthly advertising at no charge to your organization. New visitors to your website – every single month. The Google Ads Grant program is more than free clicks. It’s in-kind advertising that has the potential to significantly multiply your impact.

Suggested Prerequisite

It is suggested that you already have an active Google Ads Grant account. If you do not have an active account yet, you may still join the course as long as you start the process of opening your account. Instructions on how to create your account are below.

Read Before You Start
  • Keep your verification token from Tech Soup handy because you’ll need it when you apply for Google for Nonprofits and set up your Ads Account.
  • Use the same email address for your Tech Soup, Google for Nonprofit and Ads Account. This will save you the unnecessary hassle of reapplying or recreating your account.
  • There’s a guided setup (aka “wizard”) on the signup page of your Ads Account. Be sure to scroll down the page and select the MANUAL set up option. This is important because the guided wizard requires you to add a payment option before you submit. If you add a payment option, you won’t qualify for the Ads Grant.
  • Use the guides Google provides to set up your accounts – keep them open in another window as you walk through the process to make sure you’re off to a solid start.
  • When you define the product or service your organization provides, be specific.
  • Adwords Express vs. Google Ads: You will see the option to choose Adwords Express or Google Ads, choose Google Ads.

Application Process:

  1. Register as a nonprofit on TechSoup. Google partners with TechSoup to verify nonprofit status in your country. You will need your organization’s EIN to register. The verification process may take 7-14 days. Once your organization is approved, you’ll receive a verification token that you’ll need to enroll for Google for Nonprofits. Note: Google has added Percent as a verification partner, so you may not be going through Tech Soup. This is a super recent change. We haven’t seen Google make any official announcements about these changes, but their documentation is changing, so it might be worth noting that Google is in the process of changing in real-time.
  2. Join Google for Nonprofits by completing the online signup process. Once you’re verified, you’ll be able to use many of Google’s different products at no charge. Google will send you an email to once you’re officially approved.
  3. Set up your Ads Account. (Refer to the tips below for more details.)
  4. Enroll in the Ads Grant program. Choose Google Ads, not Adwords Express.
  5. Submit account for review.