Monetize your Mission

We want to help you determine your approach to monthly giving from a financial, and budgetary perspective and to be thinking in advance about the language that you’ll use to invite people to engage.

A simple strategy for making a good ask follows the XYZ structure. If you give X, it will provide Y, which means Z. It’s helpful to work backwards to craft your monthly giving invitation using the XYZ structure. This exercise is best done in conjunction with your organization’s Case for Support.

When monetizing your mission, it is important that you account for the costs of whole program, including staffing and operational expenses.


An organization that supports foster families has a program called “Foster Parent Nights Out.” Once a month foster parents can bring their foster and biological kids to a local church where members of the community provide dinner and plan games with kids for 3 hours, giving the parents a night off for themselves. The program happens every Friday night, and over the course of a month, serves approximately 40 families. Total costs, factoring in factors in space fees, food, supplies, and staffing costs associated is $4000 a month.

So, to monetize a monthly gift, they could say “A $100/mo gift provides one monthly foster with parent’s night out night out for one family for a year, giving parents a needed reprieve.”

Or, they can make it more general and say, “Your monthly gift of $25 helps us to provide support, encouragement and care for foster families each month, keeping them in the work longer.”

Your gift of (X) helps us provide resources like Foster Parents Night Out (Y), which encourages and equips foster parents, so they are available for kids who need a safe home (Z).

Download this tool to practice determining the financial focus of your Monthly Giving Program and crafting the language for how you will invite.

When finished, upload it, and your Area Director will take a look.