Name Your Monthly Giving Program

Download this tool to practice determining the financial focus of your Monthly Giving Program and crafting the language for how you will invite.

Think back to the monetized your mission exercise we just did.

  • Is there something that is already a part of your program that might be a good fit for a name?
  • Is there inspirational language in your industry?
  • Is there someone’s name, a scripture reference, a core value, or item that carries weight and meaning that is significant to your organization?
  • Does a community-like word such as partner, circle, builder, etc. have any meaning for you and your champions?

Most of us are familiar with Habitat for Humanity, they build houses for people in need, providing hope. Their monthly giving program is Hope Builders.

Homes for our Troops builds adaptive homes for injured veterans. Their monthly giving program is called Operation Lasting Support.

In both cases, the intentional word choice fits their cause and culture. Naming your program is a great opportunity to do some word-clouding with your team or even fellow champions. You might encourage people to start with a blank sheet of paper and write any word that might connect with their cause and create a menu of possible word choices.

Some additional things to consider when naming your monthly giving program:

  • Will your champions identify with, and remember it?
  • Do you feel good about using it regularly enough to help champions remember it and identify with it?
  • Does it connect to your cause? Is it unique enough to stand out from the crowd? For example, “Sustaining Circle” could go with just about any cause, but “The Spring” is easily connected to water and fits well with Charity : Water’s monthly giving program
  • Does it have longevity? Is it a name you can see yourself sticking with for years to come?

Sit with these ideas for a few days and see which ones resonate with you more than others.  Share them with members of your team, board, key champions, and even some of the founding members of your monthly giving program, and consider their responses to the name.

When finished, upload it, and your Area Director will take a look.