Next Steps

1. Create a Ministry Account

If you haven’t already, visit our Ministry Portal to set up a Mission Increase profile account. This indicates to us that you’re interested in a coaching relationship with us and triggers the funding for an Area Director to serve you free of charge.

We’ll reach out to you with information about upcoming webinars, workshops, and other learning opportunities.

2. Join Us For National Webinars

In addition to quarterly workshops, Mission Increase offers quarterly national webinars. You can register for our upcoming webinar through your ministry account. In the meantime, check out our past webinars.

3. Connect with your Area Director

Contact your Area Director to schedule a time for an initial meeting. During this time, you’ll get to share with them more about your cause and ministry, and how you’d like to grow.

4. Upgrade to a Coaching Account

Ministry Accounts can be upgraded from Teaching Accounts to Coaching Accounts for full access once the initial account is created and a relationship with an AD has been established. Coaching level ministries have access to:

  • Group Coaching
  • One-on-one coaching with an AD
  • Meaningful growth data and trends
man sitting on black leather bench holding gray laptop computer on top of white wooden table

5. Participate in Quarterly Workshops

Through your ministry account, you can register for our upcoming workshop. These are fruitful times of learning in community with your peers. Focus of upcoming workshops are: 

  • Quarter 1 – Major Gifts
  • Quarter 2 – Acquisition Events
  • Quarter 3 – Ministry Communications
  • Quarter 4 – Ministry Leadership

6. Attend Group Coaching

Following workshops, Area Directors offer group coaching sessions to take a deeper dive with the concepts taught in the workshop. Register for an upcoming group coaching through your ministry account.