Events – GrowthTrack

An Introduction to Events in GrowthTrack

Expected lesson duration: 30 mins

Read, take notes, and prepare to discuss with your GrowthTrack Trainer

Assignment: Before Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

Explore in the GrowthTrack Events section.

  • Click the caret (>) to find what 6 sections the Events tab is divided into.
  • Find the section that houses the quarterly workshops and webinars.
    • Click on the caret next to the next workshop title and find the next workshop date/location.  (Remember, you can sort a column, like Start Time Column, to help.)

Find these answers:

  • When filtered to “All Communities”, what is the total number of Upcoming Group Learning events?
  • Filter to your community (or choose another if yours is not yet listed). Under News, preview the previous month’s newsletter.  What is the highlighted event at the top?

Assignment: After Meeting with Karla

Approx. 15 mins

Work to build your Community in GrowthTrack and name Training Areas. Make contacts to book sites for future events.  

Filter to your community (or another community) > from Event Management find the next quarterly workshop title. Click on the Add Event button and walk through the process of adding a Test event – keep in Draft status and note the Activate button at the bottom of the Summary page. 

From Event Management go to Attendee Evaluations. Choose the most recent past quarterly workshop in the drop-down and make note of one “Biggest Take-Away”.