10 Questions to Ask About Each Communication

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Questions to help leaders review their communication pieces.
1 page fillable PDF

Are you looking for a simple process that will improve your communications strategy? Look no further.

This quick, ten-question tool will help you:

  • Evaluate what is working
  • Identify what needs attention
  • Create a habit of assessing your communications pieces

Every communication is an opportunity to invite the champions to take a step in the cause.  ​ ​​Before you send your next newsletter or direct mail piece, ask these questions.  You will find new ways to leverage your existing communications to invite more growth in your champions.These questions start with: what do I want FOR my champions who receive this? That’s where you can ask yourself, is it clear to the reader what I want FOR them?And, at the end there is also a “gut check” asking yourself: does this sound like us? Is it connected to other efforts? And finally, “is this something I would want to receive?”

​Join countless ministry leaders who have improved their communication strategy by simply asking these ten questions before they hit print or send on every communication piece.

*Used as part of these workshops: Communications that Connect, Strengthening and Integrating Communications, Thanking and Receiving, Energizing Newsletters and new community launches

1 review for 10 Questions to Ask About Each Communication

  1. Katie Matheny

    Love this tool! I frequently used it when analyzing my communication pieces

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