Communications Calendar

A tool designed to help you organize your communication strategy.
An excel spreadsheet with examples

Are you feeling disorganized when it comes to planning your communications strategy? This spreadsheet can help!

This 4-tabbed spreadsheet offers nonprofit leaders:

  • An example and template for a high-level annual communications plan
  • An example and template for a detailed monthly communication plan

This template is designed to help you plot out the important elements of their annual calendar that deserve to be communicated. Next, you’ll focus in on the upcoming quarter to include even more details. Finally, you’ll zoom in to the upcoming month and plan out the content and visuals, audience, call to action, platform and other details to help you know exactly what you want to communicate that month.

A nonprofit’s communication strategy is critical to nurturing relationships with champions. It can be used to:

  • Acknowledge important steps champions have already taken
  • Invite champions as a community to grow by learning, serving, praying, sharing, and giving
  • Share stories
  • Report on the impact champions are making in the cause

Join countless leaders who are organizing their communication strategy using this template!



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