Gifts that Bring You Joy

Enhance your fundraising strategy with the “Gifts That Bring You Joy” guide, designed to deepen supporter connections.

2 page customizable Word document

Looking for a way to enhance your fundraising approach by tapping into the genuine joy of giving? The “Gifts That Bring You Joy” tool is crafted for nonprofit leaders eager to strengthen their connections with supporters.

This tool will assist you in:

  • Identifying the deep-seated motivations behind donations and the happiness they can bring.
  • Shifting perspective on the impact of giving, fostering stronger bonds with your champions.
  • Creating a positive giving culture within your organization to support fundraising goals.

This tool is an essential asset for leaders aiming to engage more meaningfully with their community. Use it in donor discussions, team meetings, or while strategizing to illuminate the true value of every contribution. It’s an effective way to remind your team and donors about the significant, joy-filled impact of their support. Ideal for use in various organizational settings, it encourages a shared understanding and appreciation of the joy in giving.

*Used during the 2015 Thanking and Receipting Workshop


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