Annual Board Calendar

A guide to help boards create a meeting calendar that everyone can agree on.
2 page fillable PDF

Are you looking to increase board engagement through board meetings? Try creating an annual board calendar.

This two-page tool will help you:

  • List all the important topics the board needs to discuss every year
  • Plan all the dates and times for upcoming board meetings
  • Coordinate the topics with your dates

Often times, well-meaning people will have a great idea that isn’t on the meeting’s agenda that ends up derailing the meeting. By knowing the meeting topics ahead of time, a board chair can receive an idea and ask the secretary to ensure that point is discussed at the appropriate time.  Additionally, having an annual board calendar will save you time and mental energy by getting commitments on dates on well in advance and not chasing people down to find out if a time works for everyone.

Imagine how efficient and productive your board meetings will be when you can focus on the topic at hand and not worry about scheduling. Imagine how much more valued you can help a board member feel when they have a great, but off-topic idea.

*Used as part of the workshop:  How to Grow Effective and Faithful Boards


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